Ned Hancock is a fifth-generation citrus grower, a lifelong conservative, a proud Florida Gator, and a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives.  Ned has been growing citrus since before he could drive, purchasing a 5-acre orange grove at the ripe age of 14 with help from his grandfather.  Ned learned valuable lessons at an early age and understands the importance of team work, that a man’s word is his bond, and the value of a full day’s work.

Ned is running for the State House because Tallahassee needs more people with a farmer’s work ethic and Heartland values.  He’ll fight for education reforms that lead students to meaningful careers, push for economic development in communities like ours, and keep a watchful eye on the bottom line.  We can trust Ned to support the Trump agenda, cut taxes, stand up for the unborn, and defend our Second Amendment rights.

Service is not a new concept to Ned.  Governor Rick Scott appointed Ned to serve on the Florida Citrus Commission in 2014, representing growers, processors, and packers.  Prior to serving on the Citrus Commission, Ned was elected to the Highlands County School Board where he served from 1996-2012.  Over the years, Ned has given his time to the Highlands County Citrus Growers Association and numerous community organizations.

Today, Ned is President and owner of Hancock Citrus, a citrus caretaking company that manages its family groves as well as those of clients.  Ned and his wife Tammy live in Sebring where they raised three daughters, and can often be found spending time with their granddaughter, Clara Jean.


Paid by J. Ned Hancock, Republican, for State House, District 55.